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Pixels of Young Mueller Available!

Pixels of Young Mueller (All Things That Matter Press) is a coming-of-age tale, as well as the story of the growth and development of an artist. Written in "an engaging and entertaining style," the tale of Klaus Mueller is "insightful and thought provoking, with laugh-out-loud moments." Available now in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions!

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The Jerrys Featured in Novel

Jerrys drums

The Jerrys are featured in Pixels of Young Mueller. Klaus Mueller dreams of becoming a rock star in this coming-of-age tale. The Jerrys are a British-influenced guitar-pop band from Chicago, Illinois.

What Others Are Saying

"Well written, insightful, and thought provoking, with some laugh-out-loud moments, I would recommend this book to everyone"..."A 'magicurious' autobiographical novel"..."Well written and relevant, even spiritual in a notably subtle way, I most surely recommend it"..."I had a hard time putting it down"..."An engaging and entertaining style"..."I look forward to more good works from this excellent artist. Rock On Jerry Schwartz!"..."Anyone who grew up in the '60s or '70s will no doubt enjoy this trip down memory lane." Read the full reviews.

Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz writes, plays, sings, and produces the music of The Jerrys, a British-influenced guitar-pop band. Pixels of Young Mueller is his debut novel.