Every Girl by The Jerrys

Let's Groove

Every Girl

My girl is every girl,
Every girl to me.
My girl is every girl,
Every girl I see.
But she’s gonna leave me
With nothing more than a memory,
And it’s so lonely to be free.

I know I gotta do everything,
Everything I can.
I know and she’s gotta know
That I’m a better man.
I’ve been selfish.
I’ve been lost before and
I never knew what I had till it cost me.

My girl is taking the train
And making a change from me.
My girl is every girl,
And now it’s only me.
She was a young girl,
Now nothing more than a memory.
Now she’s only another fish in the sea.

Words and music ©2010 by Jerry Schwartz

The Jerrys Live at WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM

The Jerrys Live at WZRD

I had fun playing the music of The Jerrys live on May 1 in the WZRD studio. Playing and singing while accompanying myself via a laptop, I played ten songs by The Jerrys, including a preview of the not-yet-released single, “I’m a Reader”:

1. Every Girl
2. What the World Could Use a Lot More Of
3. New Day
4. Let’s Groove
5. Bigger Than Oprah
6. When I’m in Love
7. Bridget and Me
8. Back in the Day
9. Telepop
10. I’m a Reader

Alejandro Aguilar interviewed me halfway through the set, and he and the other folks at WZRD (or “wizards,” as they are known) were fantastic. I especially thank Alejandro, Ellie, and Rick for all of their help and for making the night so enjoyable. Check out the video I posted for “Every Girl.”

Stay tuned for more music from The Jerrys, and be sure to visit The Jerrys’ website.