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Why I Moved My Blog From Blogger to Tumblr

I recently moved my blog from Blogger to Tumblr, and despite the fact that the process was anything but painless, I’m glad I did it. Here’s why I switched:

  • As others have pointed out, there’s good reason to believe that Blogger is headed to Google Cemetery to rest with Buzz, Wave, and Reader. I went with Jack Welch’s advice: Change before you have to.
  • Creating and sharing smaller pieces of content more frequently on a platform where that behavior is more expected (eg, Tumbler) resonates with me. Less time spent creating posts means more time doing things worth posting about.
  • There’s more fun on Tumblr! The hybrid blogging/microblogging platform is a hit with content curators and content creators alike, and those groups naturally feed off each other. For now, at least, I’m hooked.

That’s it. The icing on the cake is that I took advantage of the move to rebrand my blog as well so that folks can more easily find me if they want to know what I’m up to—and I’m always up to something.

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