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Insight Timer Meditation App

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The Insight Timer meditation app gets my recommendation as the go-to meditation app. While I don’t use most of the app’s many features, the timer and its settings alone make the app worth using. I also enjoy receiving the early-morning reminders I set up to receive each day. If you meditate for any reason, you’ll find this app handy. Check out Insight Timer’s website for more information.

Poem: Reflecting Back

Reflecting Back

When I was a boy I was emblazed
In imagery galore.
I’d lay down a mirror and for hours gaze
At my little square hole in the floor.

I peered into the room I’d made,
Examined its every side.
Always to left or right I stayed
So wouldn’t see me inside.

How I played that wondering game
With its magicurious feeling,
Trying in vain to be in the same
Room with the floor for a ceiling.

Such is dismay in a dreaming child’s head
He sees it but never can show it.
Like a million sayings that can’t be said,
Such is the pain of the poet.

From Pixels of Young Mueller