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Chicago Songs

Chicago at Night

Many songs about Chicago and songs that mention Chicago have been written and recorded over the years, and as one might expect, there’s a huge list of Chicago songs on Wikipedia. Among those about Chicago, here are the ones that stand out to me:

  • Back to Chicago (Duke Tumatoe)
  • Chicago (That Toddlin’ Town) (Fred Fisher)
  • Chicago Bound (Jimmy Rogers)
  • Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
  • Lakeshore Drive (Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah)
  • My Kind of Town (Chicago Is) (Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen)
  • Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)
  • We’re All Crazy in Chicago (Jonathon Brandmeier)

As a songwriter, I’ve always wanted to add to the list, and I’ve done just that with my upcoming single by The Jerrys, “Chicago USA.” Not just another Chicago song, the tune is also a tribute to two of my favorite childhood songs, “Downtown” and “I Know a Place”—both written by Tony Hatch and made popular by Petula Clark. Stay tuned.

The Jerrys to Play on WZRD

WZRD Wizard

My band, The Jerrys, will play live in the studio at WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM on Thursday, April 21, at 10 PM. Joining me that evening will be Robert Porche (drums and vocals) and Jim Losby (bass guitar and vocals).

Here’s how to listen to the show:

If you live on the north side of Chicago, tune in to WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM on your radio dial.

Listen to the live stream.

Use the Tune In app, available at iTunes and Google Play.

In addition to original music by The Jerrys, we’ve got a surprise or two in store, so grab your favorite cold beverage, kick back, and enjoy the show!

Every Thursday night at 10 pm, WZRD Chicago 88.3 FM welcomes a new live band to the station to play a set. In true freeform fashion, you never know who you’ll hear on the Wizard. Tune in on Thursday nights for live music!